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Hawke & Thorn, Preston Collection, Button stool
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Take out menu-Anna docherty design
Frank Chair-Anna Docherty_Design

Frank Chair

Frank Chair has a simple and elegant form that serves as a stage for the dramatic and exotic Mubangu wood. It is constructed out of ½” cold rolled square stock steel and is painted in a matte black finish. This ...

dog_lamp-Anna Docherty Design

Dog Lamp

 Inspiration comes in many forms, and this design is no exception. A limited edition production hand made by Anna Docherty, for sale in a local retail store. A total of ten dogs were made, each with a unique name tag and ...

Timothy Dining Se- Anna Docherty Designt

Timothy Dining Set

This Tiny Tim dining collection is a further examination into the concept of thin living. Often furniture in contemporary setting is over sized for the function. This two person table table is only 50X80 and occupies very ...